Now Steve's fantasy fiction books for children are available as Audio Books: Fact: water always twists the same way down the plughole. So on the day that it swirled round backwards, the whole universe changed. Tom is mysteriously transported beyond the Black Hole to a parallel universe populated by Clawhammers, Slickwingers, Cosywags, a Jellybot and the evil army of Megagrit…

It's hard to find children's books that are packed full of adventure and are also packed with Gospel allegory. Look no further! Steve has recorded his stories as Audio Books - here's the first one of his Rainchild Trilogy.

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“Diving into a world of strange creatures, unlikely heroes and an evil villain! What more could you ask for? The quick, swirling plot is great to enjoy alone, or listen to it read aloud.  Loved the story within a story! A very enjoyable read.” 

Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson Power Packs Children's Ministry

“Are Steve’s books just great fantasy fiction novels or are they parables with a deeper meaning? Read them, enjoy them, then catch hold of something amazing.”


“In the great tradition of C.S.Lewis, Steve has created a magical, allegorical world to draw the reader in. All the struggles of human life are here, but with adventure, excitement and a spiritual edge.  Do enjoy the ride!”

Rt Reverend Richard Jackson
Rt Reverend Richard Jackson Bishop of Hereford
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