Essential Guide To Public Speaking And Presentation Techniques

InstructorSteve Flashman
TypeOnline Course
DateMar 17, 2020
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The Essential Guide To Public Speaking!

I have been a public speaker for most of my life both in the world of business, corporate entertainment and motivational speaking. I am naturally shy and introspective but have been able to develop highly effective strategies that have worked for me time and time again in large arenas and auditoriums in front of hundreds of people, and in small group settings.

The ability to be a public speaker is absolutely essential for anyone in business. As a business owner, if you want to motivate your staff, promote your goods and services to key decision-makers, and enhance the kudos of your company, then public speaking skills are crucial. This course covers the principles of public speaking from a business perspective and includes PDF files and exercises for staff training or personal development. Once applied, the principles I teach will take your self-confidence to another level. And more than that, they will take your business to the next level too.

Section 1IntroductionFree Preview

Lecture 1Why The Essential Guide?Free Preview

Section 2Main Course Content
Lecture 2The Top Five Blunders That Will Destroy Your Credibility
Lecture 3The Power And Potential Of Good Public Speaking
Lecture 410 Reasons Why Public Speaking Skills Are Critical For Business Growth
Lecture 5Public Speaking Nightmares And How to Overcome Them
Lecture 6My Top Fourteen Strategies For The Big Event
Lecture 7My Top Ten Tips For A Stunning Presentation
Lecture 8The Nine Essential Ingredients Of A Great Speech
Lecture 9The Nine Basic Rules Of Public Speaking
Lecture 10My Top Six Memory Boosters For Public Speakers
Lecture 11The Transformational Impact Of Motivational Speaking
Lecture 12Case Studies That Will Make You Break Out Of The Box
Lecture 13My Eight Top Insights Into Getting Paid As A Public Speaker
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