How To Grow Your Local Business Against All The Odds

InstructorSteve Flashman
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Small local businesses are feeling the pressure as large companies muscle in.

They are pushing the smaller local traders out of business.

Small retail outlets, shops, stores and trades, once at the heart of the local community, are disappearing because they are unable to compete with the large superstores, supermarkets and shopping malls. Yet there are some critical factors which give smaller businesses a clear competitive advantage over the big players. In this course, I give clear, step by step instructions on how to capitalize on these advantages, making local business more viable, more visible, more productive and more profitable.

Steve teaches proven strategies that have worked for him over many years as a Business Development Consultant with small and medium-sized businesses. In the construction sector alone he has generated millions for main contractors and small specialist trades and sub-contractors. Whatever the nature of your small business, the strategies that Steve teaches could transform your bottom line.

Here’s what you get in the Course:

  • 24 video lectures by Steve.
  • Downloadable Worksheets which can be used for individual or group use – great for staff training.
  • PDF Copies of all the PowerPoint Presentations used.
  • A variety of other resources that will make life a whole lot easier for you as a small business owner.

If you don’t already have a marketing manager in your company, these lectures will enable you to get up to speed with the latest strategies for growing your business. If you do have a marketing manager, these lectures and materials will be an ideal refresher course to enable your staff to be more effective in business development principles. Companies invest large chunks of their annual budget for course material like this, so this course represents incredible value for money and if implemented, will result in growing profitability for your company and in return, higher productivity from your workforce. Steve sets out achievable targets and realistic goals to enable you to get excited again about the future of your business.

Here are some of the things that Steve’s clients have said:

“I really enjoyed Steve’s course and found lots of depth in it. From his 101 marketing ideas through to his analysis of the evolution of sales approaches, the course is well thought out, well written and refreshing. This course is relevant to every field.” Reg Nordman, Rocket Builders, USA

“We’ve worked with you for some time now and have been very impressed with your industry knowledge, marketing flair and your ability to enthuse and help in very practical ways. Your e-book is great – tons of highly practical material drawn from years of successful experience. Wider distribution now with the power of personal tuition will mean even more people will be impacted and a lot of new business generated with the secrets to success you are now unlocking.” David Crick, Contractors Marketing Services

“We have been successful in business for 10 years, but had reached a point where we wanted to expand our company but were struggling to find fresh inspiration and direction for the marketing side of our business. Once we employed Steve’s services, he helped us find the inspiration/direction and assisted us in maintaining focus in the right areas of successfully marketing our company. He has had a huge impact on our business and also on us as individuals. It is a pleasure to include Steve as part of our valuable team and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.” Darryl & Stephanie Higgins, Directors, Premier ACS Ltd

“We have had first-hand experience of the marketing services of Steve Flashman in the development of our own business and can highly recommend his services to you.” Colin Garwood, Director, Electrical Services & Projects

Section 1IntroductionFree Preview

Lecture 1Why You Need This CourseFree Preview

Section 2Time To Blow Away The Cobwebs
Lecture 2Embracing A New Vision For Your Local Business
Lecture 3Ten Advantages Of A Local Business
Lecture 4Your Local Business Health Check
Lecture 5Ten Ways To Capitalise On Your Local Business
Lecture 6Ten Easy To Adopt Business Principles
Lecture 7The Top Five Marketing Blunders
Section 3How To Build Your Company Profile
Lecture 8Why You Need A Website And How To Get One
Lecture 9Ten Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Work
Lecture 10Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly
Lecture 11How To Harness The Power Of Social Media
Section 4How To Gain A Competitive Advantage
Lecture 12How Presentation Skills Can Enhance Your Business Kudos
Lecture 13How To Position Yourself As The Local Expert
Lecture 14The Email Marketing Club Model
Lecture 15Why You Need A Good CSR Policy
Section 5How To Promote Your Business For Free
Lecture 16The Evolution Of The QR Code
Lecture 1724 Ideas On How To Use A QR Code For Your Business
Lecture 18How To Write A Press Release
Lecture 19The Advantage Of A Regular Newsletter
Lecture 20The Advantage Of Local Business Directories
Lecture 21Text Message Marketing
Section 6Building Relationships With The Decision Makers
Lecture 22Vital Principles Of Customer Retention
Lecture 23Telephone Skills That Make Or Break Your Business
Lecture 24Summary And Checklist
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