Coaching For Life: Proven Motivational Strategies

InstructorSteve Flashman
TypeOnline Course
DateMay 1, 2020
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Say “Yes!” To Life!

Many of us spend a lifetime looking in the wrong place for personal fulfilment, meaningful relationships, purposeful living and business success.  Life is not a rehearsal, we only get one chance and yet many end up learning to live with second best, missing some of the obvious markers in life that we need to pay attention to. This course breaks open some of the myths we have been led to believe and will open up new horizons of opportunity, enabling you to break out of the box and find positive transformation of life, love and work.

Section 1IntroductionFree Preview

Lecture 1Introducing The CourseFree Preview

Section 2First Things First
Lecture 2Believing The Dream
Lecture 3Letting Go Of The Weight
Lecture 4Smashing The Myths
Section 3Laying The Foundations
Lecture 5Ten Principles That Will Set You Free
Lecture 6Living Like A Pioneer
Lecture 7Focusing Like A Prospector
Section 4Discovering The Real YOU
Lecture 8Understanding Character Traits
Lecture 914 Characteristics Of A Life Well Lived
Lecture 1010 Big "Don't's" If You Want Quality Of Life
Section 5Learning To Live Holistically
Lecture 11Discovering The Third Dimension
Lecture 12Money, Possessions And An Abundant Life
Lecture 13Building Healthy Relationships
Lecture 14A Road-Map To Growth
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