Why Am I Being Held To Ransom?

Why am I being held to ransom by a minority of intolerant people who shout louder than anyone else? Why am I afraid to express sincerely held and thought through traditional biblical Christian views, for fear of being labelled “intolerant”, various kinds of “phobic”, or out of touch with modern society? Why is the campaign to exterminate traditional, orthodox Christian values so aggressive, mocking and intolerant? If I have an historically orthodox view of marriage based on sincerely held theological convictions, I face being ridiculed and targeted by people who cannot accept there may be different and legitimate alternative views that have been arrived at after much soul searching and thoughtful reflection. But of course, our “tolerant” society only works for them, when people agree with their “progressive” views.

Apparently, repentance is not enough.

We have much to repent of with regard to the treatment of people who think and live differently, and repent we should. But apparently that’s not enough. We all have to buy into the new orthodoxy without question.  Whatever happened to mutual respect, freedom of speech and individual self determination. It’s heartbreaking and ultimately destructive.

We are defined by being human, not our sexual orientation.

All are welcome into our church. All are accepted, cared for and loved. No finger pointing. No discrimination. All are welcome into the community of the church because we are made stronger by diversity and difference. We are ultimately defined by being human, not by a particular orientation. But we must ALL be allowed to be who we are, not what so called “popular culture” expects us to be and militantly promotes to fashion us all in its own image. And that includes me, with my traditional biblical Christian views and values. The supposedly “tolerant” spokes people of the new “progressive” ideology, will not be happy (or secure) until they push me and others like me into a corner. They use any means at their disposal to delegitimise and render obsolete any views but their own.


We have seen public figures cruelly and viciously targeted of late because of their sincerely held Christian beliefs. When will it end? I suppose, when we finally dismantle all the boundaries. Then, we will have set ourselves up for self-annihilation.

So much for a tolerant society.

OK. My head is above the parapet. Take a shot.

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