Growing Up! Remember?

Growing up.

  • No child proof lids on medicine bottles
  • No helmets on bikes
  • Knocked myself out over handle bars on South Circular
  • No unnecessary health and safety rules!
  • No seat belts
  • No air bags
  • Rode in the back of dad’s builders van….kid on the loose!
  • Drank water from garden hosepipe – little bugs and all!
  • Playing outside all day, as long as back by tea time
  • Made go carts out of pram wheels and planks
  • Careered down down Birkbeck Hill on said home made go-cart with dudgy brake!
  • No Playstations, Nintendo, Xboxes and the like
  • No video games
  • No 99 channel TV
  • No Netflix, Disney Channel or Prime
  • No Boxsets
  • Simple black and white TV rented from Rediffusion
  • No bathroom – portable bath in the kitchen when needed
  • Outside loo – shared with a number of small creatures! Not good in the dark!
  • No mobile phones
  • No email, no SPAM (apart from the stuff you get in tins)
  • No text messages
  • No social media
  • Organic vegetables from the green grocer – no toxic chemicals
  • Penny (old money) sweets from Mrs Jenkins corner shop – especially blackjacks
  • No politically correct nonsense – can you buy blackjacks anymore?
  • Marrow bones from the butcher to make nourishing soup for the family
  • Pigs trotter’s with English mustard (yum)
  • If you wanted to use the phone walk down the road and use the phone in the red telephone box on the corner. Use real money – get some exercise!
  • No PC, no internet
  • If your mum found out that the local Bobby had given you a clip round the ear for some misdemeanour, when you got home she’d give you another one!

OK. It wasn’t all perfect, life was a challenge growing up in London, but we were healthier, happier and looked after each other

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