Cosy, Compromised & Confused!

Yes that’s right! I’m talking about the church in the Western world!

We are desperate for our people to be enthused with the Gospel – but we live so often on the back of failure. The Decade of Evangelism didn’t work; all the Surveys tell us the church in the West is dying; the media continually reinforces this image; and once again we struggle to find a way through the complex issues of cultural relevancy without compromising our faith. And we anguish over how to communicate timeless Christian truth without adding to the conflicting messages.

We need to rediscover our integrity as a church but this can only be achieved when we understand who God is; where God is; and what God is doing in the 21st Century.

It’s often our comfortable environment that shields us from any real God shaped encounter. But move out of your comfort zones and the whole of life can suddenly take on a completely different perspective.

Faith is stretched, lifestyles are challenged; vision for world mission is stimulated; our place in God’s scheme of things is clarified and our gifts & abilities are triggered into practical action!

A tall order? An impossible dream?

I’ll continue writing this blog when I calm down a little! Come back soon.

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Steve Flashman is a singer/songwriter, published author and has appeared on TV many times over the years. He toured extensively as a professional musician and set-up a Short Term Service Charity which worked in some of the poorest areas of the world. He is currently living in Buckinghamshire UK with his wife Sarah and is Vicar of two rural parish churches.

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